1. How much do the trolleys cost?

$435 for 3 consecutive hours. A $175 deposit is requested when bookings are made. If your Trolley Charter goes beyond the 3 hour minimum, each additional hour is $98.

2. How many passengers will the trolleys carry?

The capacity is 32 passengers per trolley.

3. Will the trolley stay and wait for our party at various places, or leave and come back?

The trolley and its driver are dedicated to your charter, so they will be waiting and available to you. Personal items may be left on board for safekeeping if you wish.

4. How are we charged for waiting times when we’re not actually riding on the trolley?

Waiting times count just the same as when you’re riding. When total time exceeds the three hour minimum, charges are based on the next hour(s) of use.

5. Are the trolleys heated and air-conditioned?

Yes they are. They also have wheelchair lifts and tie downs, PA systems with microphones and audio cassette tape decks.

6. Will the trolley deliver people back to their cars on an as needed basis?

The trolley is yours to go where you wish within the allotted charter time. This time may be extended with appropriate charges if you wish, provided the trolley isn’t committed elsewhere.

7. How far from Kearney do the trolleys go, and does the rental time cover driving to other towns?

The trolleys will go 70 miles from Kearney, within Nebraska. Rental time for the Trolley begins when the Trolley gets to its destination. Mileage will be charged to & from the destination.